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Tai Chi @ Work

You will learn how the wisdom of these ancient tai chi principles apply in today’s workplace to better manage stress. Dr Paul Lam has worked with a team of tai chi, health and business professionals to create this innovative program for people at work. They show you how to apply this simple, easy to learn, practical tai chi set to turn stress into a source of strength. Using three powerful forms derived from three major tai chi styles, and incorporate three core tai chi principles to your daily life to improve your mental and physical health.

Perché Tai Chi @ Work?

A healthier worker is more productive, and one with better work/life balance is a greater asset to the employer. Long term mental and physical health of people in the workplace is directly related to the business bottom line. Studies have shown that wellness programs in the workplace profited the employer. For example, Coca Cola reported a saving of $500 per employee per year in health-care claims after they introduced a wellness program into their company. Continental Airlines reported a 45% drop in the cost of workplace injuries in less than 2 years of establishing a workplace wellness program. Tai chi can improve mental and physical health of the worker, thus the overall effectiveness at the workplace. It can be a non-competitive, non-judgmental and an enjoyable activity that an individual can do by oneself as well as a team together. It is very different from most things we do daily so it is refreshing. It enhances the individual or team’s productivity as well as each member’s personal growth.

Come funziona?

I principi essenziali del tai chi derivano da una profonda comprensione della natura dagli antichi cinesi. La legge della natura fornisce il segreto per rafforzare il tuo sé mentale e fisico, in modo da poter affrontare il mondo e le persone intorno a te in modo più efficace. Proprio come è più veloce nuotare con la corrente piuttosto che contro di essa, lavorare con la forza della natura è più efficace che contro di essa. Ascoltare e lavorare con le persone in sinergia è più efficace della lotta contro di loro. In questo senso, l'antica arte del Tai Chi è altrettanto rilevante e utile per il mondo moderno come lo era allora. Sebbene con il cambio di finalità, il contenuto e il metodo di insegnamento del tai chi sono stati modificati qui per rendere il tai chi più facile da imparare e più pertinente allo scopo.

Come imparare Tai Chi @ Work?

Learning tai chi can be a most enjoyable and rewarding experience. As you embark on your journey to learn tai chi, take the time to find the most effective and enjoyable way for you. If you are a busy person who needs to improve your health and harmony, Tai Chi @ Work can work for you. The added benefits would be more fulfillment and improve productivity with your work. Here are four steps to start with: 1. Join a class with a Tai Chi @ Work istruttore certificato. In alternativa puoi usare il passo passo di Dr LamDVD didattico. 2. Persevere with your practice. Give yourself time to absorb and understand the essential principles of tai chi XCHARX this will enable you to enjoy your practice, gain health benefits and progress steadily. 3. Keep an open mind to different aspects of tai chi. You can use Dr LamXCHARXs tai chi books and articles to learn more about tai chi.

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